Privacy Policy

Aisance &Co., Ltd. (Aisance) shall comply with “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (Japan Law No. 57, 2003) and other related laws and shall handle personal information, which provided by customers appropriately and shall protect customers’ privacy.
And, Aisance has formulated the following Privacy Policy regarding personal information handling to protect personal information

1.Definition of personal information

“Personal information” is information includes address, name, birth date, occupation, phone number, e-mail address and other information, which includes information that can be easily cross-checked with other information to identify the specific individual.

2.Purpose of use of personal information

Aisance shall use personal information as follows and shall not use personal information beyond the necessity to fulfill the purpose of use without consent form the customer in question. And, each time if Aisance needs to use personal information in other purpose stated below, Aisance shall notify customer such fact.

  • To confirm registration, application, contract, order etc,
  • To improve services, to develop new services
3.Collection of personal information

Aisance shall collect personal information in legal and fair manner as follow;

  • In the case Aisance collets personal information, Aisance shall notify the purpose of usage to the customer in question or publish the purpose of usage based on this Privacy policy, except in the case where the purpose of usage falls within “2. Purpose of usage of personal information.”
  • In the case when Aisance amends the purpose of usage, Aisance shall notify the amended purpose of usage to the customer in question or publish based on this “Privacy Policy”.
4.Keeping accuracy of personal information

Aisance shall keep personal information as accurate and latest.

5.Safety management of personal information

Aisance shall prevent risks such as divulgence, destruction, impairment of personal information, and therefore shall establish and maintain a system that can quickly take corrective action in order to safely manage personal information.
In addition, Aisance not only shall do inspections of its personal information controls and take prompt corrective action to implement breaches and accidents uncovered in these inspections, but also shall take protective measures in response to discovered weaknesses.

6.Control of employees and subcontractors

Aisance shall guide, educate and supervise its employees regarding handling personal information. And, Aisance shall take necessary and appropriate measures to subcontractors when it uses subcontractors.

7.Aisance shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without approval of the customer in question except for the following cases.
  • When disclosing the third party to designate the handing of personal information in order to perform the purpose of usage.
  • When disclosing the third party based on the laws
8.Sharing personal information

Aisance shares personal information as follow,

(a) Items of personal information which are shared.

All personal information collected by Aisance

(b) Scope of people being shared with personal information

All subsidiaries

(c) Purpose of use of shared company

  • For the customers, in order to make it easy to use several services provided by shared companies horizontally.
  • For the customers, in order to let to use services provided by shared companies horizontally.
  • Aisance can provide beneficial information such as product information and service information provided by shared companies

(d) The company who is responsible for the management of personal information

Aisance & Co.,U.S.A. INC.

9.Contact regarding personal information

Aisance shall, lawfully, properly and promptly respond regarding, procedures of notices of usage of personal information, discloser, corrections, additions, deletions, suspensions of usage, and suspensions of providing personal information to a third party.
The process requires an identification document such as a driver’s license, insurance card or passport to verify the identity of the requestor.
And, any other inquiry and complaint regarding the handling personal information will be handled by directing such inquiries or complaints (“Personal information inquires”) to the Personal information inquires desk: +01.714.589.0459


Direct e-mail distribution
Aisance and the operating company of Aisance’s website may send e-mails to customers from which they have collected e-mail addresses, as personal information, with the customer’s consent.
And, Aisance and the operating company of Aisance’s website may send direct mail, etc. to mail addresses that are registered as personal information.
After the registration of personal information, if a customer elects not to receive e-mails or direct mail, Aisance shall immediately stop sending e-mail or direct mail after notice from the customer of such request.

11.Amendment of the privacy policy

This policy may be amended, at any time, for example, as a result of amendments to laws or at the discretion of Aisance. In such case, Aisance shall publish an amended privacy policy on Aisance’s website.