For business

Corporate Message


If you are a company operating a hotel or guesthouse and seek bridal hair and makeup support,
we are ready to assist.
Whether you require full venue support, segmented assistance for different sections of a venue,
or on-location services for individual ceremonies, we will flexibly meet your needs for each occasion.
To this end, we are always searching for and cultivating well-rounded personnel
who embody our corporate goals of skill, sensibility, and hospitality.
Please contact us for consultation on your hair and makeup staffing needs.

High technical ability and rich sensibility



Our staff members are experts with comprehensive skill sets and experience.

Professional skill sets are a given. Our seasoned artists are also attentive, expressive, hospitable, and strong communicators.
Our artists put their skills to use in weddings as well as photoshoots/filming, fashion shows, receptions, and an assortment of other events, and are encouraged to come up with unique and diverse ideas.

Trend Sharing


Research and information-sharing on the latest trends.

We continually researche up-and-coming cosme brands and seasonal colors and textures.
The balance between fad and tradition is also examined, while identifying global trends in hair and makeup styles.
All staff members share information and propose arrangements tailored to the venue layout and the client’s individual preferences.

Catching and providing global trends



Education system to cultivate artists who excel.

All staff members undergo rigorous interviews and skill assessments.
In addition to technique, we strive for comprehensive improvement in our artists by fostering a sense of hospitality and raising motivation.
Support systems are also in place for personnel issues, and we strive to create an environment where each artist can maximize talents.